I help non-profit organisations transform their communications – with stories that engage, motivate, and inspire donors to give. Whether you’re a small or large non-profit organisation, I can help you integrate storytelling into your fundraising communications, and show you how to produce stories that will make your donors fall in love with your cause.

Great stories are an essential tool for successful non-profit organisations. In a crowded fundraising landscape, they can be the best way to put you in front. Stories can help you:

  • Increase fundraising revenue
  • Attract new donors and retain existing ones
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Improve SEO and social media results
  • Create PR opportunities
  • Motivate staff, board and volunteers

Why work with me?

I have over twenty years experience writing and telling real stories about real people, both for ABC Television, and in fundraising in the non-profit sector.

I understand the power of storytelling, and know how to use it successfully to engage an audience - your donors – as well as staff, board members, and volunteers - to help you achieve your fundraising targets and strategic marketing outcomes. I’m client focused, and deliver a personalised service, tailored to suit your needs and budget – even small budgets, to help you achieve your goals.

Non-profit Stories hub

Six Elements Of A Good Non-profit Story

February 9, 2015

By Maria Chilcott   (This article was first published in Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine - ) Stories are the currency of fundraising. But you can’t tell stories successfully until you can tell which stories are gold. It’s one thing to know storytelling is important for your direct mail letters, website, social media sites, YouTube clips, presentations and meetings. It’s… READ MORE