My story

I’m a communications professional with a particular passion for growing giving levels in Australia, and helping non-profits tell their stories.

I like helping people, that’s essentially what motivates me.

I started my working life as a creative at ABC Television, producing arts programs and documentaries, which I loved. Later I held positions in the non-profit sector in fundraising, communications, and philanthropy management. Along the way I have also lectured at a tertiary level in communications and client relations.

For the last couple of years I have gone solo, and I’m doing what I love best: helping non-profits communicate more effectively with a particular focus on stories. I love working with passionate people, and I find they don’t come much more passionate than those who work in non-profit organisations.

What I love
I love producing websites, video, email newsletters, and traditional print marketing collateral for non-profit organisations. I also enjoy sharing my know how via story coaching: giving presentations, coaching people on how to craft a great non-profit story and how to integrate a storytelling culture into their organisation.

And so…
With that diversity of experience I think I have a unique range of skills, and a unique expertise in non-profit storytelling to share.

Why stories?

 “A good story is one that you want to repeat”. – James Buckhouse of Twitter

With the power of social media to connect your supporters, there are opportunities to share your non-profit stories on multiple platforms – and every minute of the day. It’s now more important than ever that your organisation’s story be told well – and it’s crucial that storytelling skills be an essential part of your fundraising toolkit.

Stories can help donors connect with your organisation in a way that facts and figures alone can’t do.

Did you know?

  • Stories are more memorable than facts.
  • Stories help you make deeper connections with your donors, by allowing them not just to understand, but also to feel your cause.
  • Stories convey authenticity about you and your organisation, and help you build trust with your donor. Remember – relationships are at the heart of all fundraising.
  • Stories have the power to make your donors fall in love with your cause. When that happens, donors will not only donate, they’ll give you a further reward: sharing those stories – inspiring others to become new supporters.