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Welcome to The Non-profit Stories Hub!

In these regular posts I’ll be helping you learn how to tell the stories of your non-profit organisation – which in turn will help you to raise more money for your cause.

What do I have to share?

In a previous life I was a television producer/director for ABC television, where I told stories – real stories about real people – in documentaries and arts programs.

Then I made a mid-career move into the non-profit sector – and I was hooked.

I love the causes, the donors, and the passionate people who are committed to improving their corner of the world – or in some cases the entire world! Their efforts are always inspiring, and I enjoy helping them to raise more money.

So after a number of years working in fundraising and philanthropy, I now focus on  helping non-profits to transform their communications with storytelling – which I love.

Why do stories work?

Storytelling is the single most important tool you can have in your fundraising toolkit. In a crowded fundraising landscape, stories can be the best way to put you in front.

Did you know:

  • Stories are more memorable than facts.
  • Stories help you make deeper connections with your donors, by allowing them not just to understand, but also to feel your cause.
  • Stories convey authenticity about you and your organisation, and help you build trust with your donor – relationships are at the heart of all fundraising.
  • Stories have the power to make your donors fall in love with your organisation. When that happens, donors will not only donate, they’ll give you a further reward: sharing those stories, inspiring others to become new supporters.

Non-profit Stories Hub – what’s in store

This blog will be a focal point for all things about non-profit storytelling – from myself and others who have insights to offer.

There will be posts that will help you to craft successful non-profit stories, things like:
- what stories you need to be telling,
- where to tell your stories, and
- who should be telling them – and many more.

I’ll also introduce you to some of the organisations and people who are already using storytelling to raise more money for their cause. I’ll be seeking out the best non-profit stories and looking closely at them to see why they work – and what you can learn from them. And I’ll connect you with useful links and resources from the web.

I hope you’ll be inspired and motivated to tell your organistation’s stories with renewed confidence, so that you can begin to connect with your supporters at a much deeper level.

Tell me what you think

I’d love to hear from you. If you have any feedback or suggestions for what topics would most interest you, don’t hesitate to contact me. You may have your own insights on storytelling to share, or examples of non-profit organisations whose stories you love – there’s a comments section below.

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By Maria Chilcott

I work with non-profit organisations, helping them to transform their communications with stories that will inspire giving. Email me