Australian Philanthropic Services

Australian Philanthropic Services (APS) is a not-for-profit that supports and inspires philanthropy, helping individuals and families establish private and public ancillary funds. Since 2012 I have worked with APS to help them build their brand, and bring the organisation to life with stories. This has included producing/writing their website, developing marketing materials, and writing articles and newsletters.


Matana Foundation For Young People

Matana Foundation for Young People is a philanthropic foundation that supports disadvantaged young people. I helped Matana with producing a new website, and completely re-writing the copy from the old site. I worked with a small team of a designer and developer – and Matana’s Director, to deliver a fresh new look that would provide an accessible and engaging guide to the non-profit organisations who may apply to Matana for funding.

The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society is a national not-for-profit well known for their conservation of Australia’s natural environment. Initially I did some story coaching work with their WildEndurance team, to help them integrate storytelling into their fundraising communications. I then produced a 32-page booklet for this annual event that included writing numerous stories to help inspire the fundraising efforts of event team members. Click here to view


The Arts Unit, NSW Dept of Education

The Arts Unit of the NSW Dept of Education provides extra curricular programs such as dance, drama, music ensembles, and Schools Spectacular. I was contracted to produce seven short videos, to showcase the work of each program area. The videos  were produced within a cost-effective budget, using existing footage as well as interviews with Arts Unit Ambassadors and students (I produced, directed, and interviewed the subjects).