How I work

I provide a number of creative services and a coaching consultancy. My approach is about building capacity in non-profits to help create sustainability in the sector. I aim to:

  • Help you to produce stories that will engage, motivate, and inspire donors to give
  • Teach you how to produce great non-profit stories yourself
  • Show you how to integrate a storytelling culture into your organisation.

My creative team and process

  • I have talented graphic designers, web developers, video directors, and social media experts that I work with. I’m also happy to work alongside your own creative team if that suits you better.
  • We will develop a strategy that best achieves your goals – and keeps you within your budget.
  • Most importantly I work with you to produce compelling copy and images that will bring the stories of your non-profit organisation to life.

Free Story Audit!

I love getting to know people before we work together, so I’m always happy to have a chat, and provide a free half-hour “story audit”, either in person or on the phone, to help you see what’s working and what’s not in your communications, and devise the best story strategy for your needs.



So much is digital today, but there may be times when you still need to go offline. I can produce brochures for your fundraising campaign or event, or marketing collateral. I can also create an annual report that goes beyond the numbers, to tell the engaging stories of your success, and highlight the real impact of your cause. (Any of these projects can also be delivered in digital formats).


Story Coaching

Whether you’re in fundraising or communications, or you’re the CEO or a board member, if you communicate with donors or potential donors of your organisation, then you need to know how to tell stories about your cause. I can coach you or your team, to help you to learn the keys to successful non-profit storytelling.

Choose personal coaching or a group presentation. You’ll learn:

  • what makes a great non-profit story
  • how to tell your organisation’s stories
  • where to find – and where to tell – your non-profit stories
  • how to integrate a storytelling culture into your non-profit organisation

Make a deeper connection with donors, whether it’s via your fundraising communications, face-to-face meetings with major donors, presentations, video, or your website. Ensure your cause is understood, remembered – and shared.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating valuable, relevant content that Google likes and your donors love. I can help you to create a dynamic website, blog, video, or  email newsletter that showcases your stories and inspires your supporters.

Having great content is about helping your donors to experience your cause and get to know you better. Content with great stories will get shared. The result is a much deeper engagement with your donors and supporters, and an authentic connection that helps you build a stronger relationship – with all your stakeholders.